Malice Domestic 12: Mystery Most Historical

Malice Domestic 12: Mystery Most Historical will be published by Wildside Press and available in time for MD29. Art Taylor, Martin Edwards, and Kathy Lynn Emerson were the story selection committee. Charlaine Harris, Lifetime Achievement Honoree for Malice 29, is presenting the anthology.
Included Stories:
"A One-Pipe Problem" by John Betancourt
"The Trial of Madame Pelletier" by Susanna Calkins
"Eating Crow" by Carla Coupe
"The Lady's Maid Vanishes" by Susan Daly
"Judge Lu's Ming Dynasty Case Files-The Unseen Opponent" by P.A. De Voe
"Honest John Finds a Way" by Michael Dell
"Spirited Death" by Carole Nelson Douglas
"The Corpse Candle" by Martin Edwards
"Mistress Threadneedle's Quest" by Kathy Lynn Emerson
"The Black Hand" by Peter Hayes
"Crim Con" by Nancy Herriman
"Hand of an Angry God" by KB Inglee
"The Barter" by Su Kopil
"Tredegar Murders" by Vivian Lawry
"The Tragic Death of Mrs. Edna Fogg" by Edith Maxwell
"A Butler is Born" by Catriona McPherson
"Home Front Homicide" by Liz Milliron
"He Done Her Wrong" by Kathryn O'Sullivan
"Summons for a Dead Girl" by K.B. Owen
"Mr. Nakamura's Garden" by Valerie O Patterson
"The Velvet Slippers" by Keenan Powell
"The Blackness Before Me" by Mindy Quigley
"Death on the Dueling Grounds" by Verena Rose
"You Always Hurt the One You Love" by Shawn Reilly Simmons
"Night and Fog" by Marcia Talley
"The Measured Chest" by Mark Thielman
"The Killing Game" by Victoria Thompson
"The Cottage" by Charles Todd
"The Seven" by Elaine Viets
"Strong Enough" by Georgia Wilson
Malice Domestic 11: Murder Most Conventional (Wildside Press) and presented by Kathrine Hall Page, was relased at Malice 27. The stories were selected in a blind submission process by Rhys Bowen, Earlene Fowler, and Doug Greene. 
Included stories:
"Conventional Wisdom" by Marcia Talley
"Djinn and Tonic" by Neil Plakcy
"The Vanishing Wife" by Victoria Thompson
"The Right to Bare Arms" by John Gregory Betancourt
"Message in a Bottle" by Su Kopil
"Anonymous" by Kate Flora
"What Goes Around" by B.K. Stevens
"The Hair of the Dog" by Charles Todd
"The Best-Laid Plans" by Barb Goffman
"A Dark and Stormy Light" by Gigi Pandian
"The Clue in the Blue Booth" by Hank Phillippi Ryan
"Wicked Writers" by Frances McNamara
Coverture" by KB Inglee
"Dark Secrets" by Kathryn Leigh Scott
"Tarnished Hope" by KM Rockwood
"Not Forgotten" by L.C. Tyler
"Boston Bouillabaisse" by Nancy Brewka-Clark
"Killing Kippers" by Eleanor Cawood Jones
"Elemental Chaos" by M Evonne Dobsonv
"Outside the Box" by Ruth Moose
"The Perfect Pitch" by Marie Hannan-Mandel
"Two Birds with One Stone" by Rhys Bowen
"A Gathering of Great Detectives" by Shawn Reilly Simmons

Malice Domestic Announces 13th Anthology

Malice Domestic 13: Mystery Most Geographical will be presented by Nancy Pickard and published by Wildside Press in time for Malice Domestic 30, which will be held from Friday April 27, 2018 to Sunday April 29, 2018.

Selection of the stories to be included in Malice Domestic 13 will be made by a panel of three award-winning members of the Malice Domestic community, none of whom is a member of the Malice Domestic Board of Directors. The names of selection panel members will remain anonymous until the selection process is complete.


Theme:  Mystery Most Geographical

“Mystery Most Geographical” means that the story can take place anywhere in the world with location being an important element of the story.

  • Story Length: up to 5,000 words
  •      List word count on last page
  • In your cover email please include
  •       contact information
  •       a sentence or two describing how you incorporated geography into your story
  • Manuscript file must be entirely anonymous
  •      No author identification on the cover page or on any other page
  •      No author identification in the "document summary"
  •      Author must identify himself/herself only in the content of the cover email
  • Fonts and Formatting
  •      Generally, follow the Chicago Manual of Style
  •      Story title: 16 point Times New Roman or equivalent, centered
  •      Body of story: 12 point Times New Roman or equivalent
  • Spacing: double spaced
  •      Margins: 1 inch top and bottom margins, 1 inch right and left margins
  •      Indentation: use tab to indent
  •      Do not use the spacebar to indent
  •      Normal indent is .5 inch
  • All pages must be numbered in the footer
  •      Include story title in footer
  •      Do not use the automatic hyphenation feature
  •      For dialog, use double quotes: “Xxxxxxx”
  •      Type “The End” or ### at the end of the story
Submit manuscript in Microsoft Word if possible.  A PDF file is acceptable.
Send submission to
Submissions will be accepted between May 1 and August 31, 2017